Blueberry Dreams

8 12 2010

I’m writing this post fresh off of a spliff of Blue Dream straight from Cali.

My boy hooked me up fat with this, check out the dank little nug:

You can just taste the freshness in this bud. Normally I’m a guy who can smoke and go to class and still get good grades, but today this shit had me passing out for a half hour. Strong sleepy weed. For when all the work is done.

Consequentially I’m also rocking to this Trainwreck as well to get shit done and before going to the library. This bud is my lightsaber:

With all this good weed at my hands, I’ve been re watching rolling videos on new techniques. Here’s a good video for beginners and experts. Remember, never get cocky about your rolling it can be improved. Wiz Khalifa shows us how to roll a real Taylor Gang joint:

In music news, Cypress Hill drops a new music video for their song Lit Up:

This new Dr. Dre single off of Detox with Snoop and Akon, Kush is decent in my opinion. This remix with Game makes it daaaank though:

In other news, High Times dropped their special 4/20 issue. You should pick it up, and roll your favorite rollable on it, like this:

And if you’re busy working on finals and final projects, here’s a couple videos and a playlist to keep it real:

Wake N Bake playlist:



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