Dank entertainment

13 01 2011

Been doing a lot of work making that cash money lately but still finding good shit for when you’re blazed.

Some music for next time you roll face:

I dig three six a lot, but Juicy J never ceases to impress:

Some more Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. I’ve seen Snoop live twice, but never seen him before as DJ Snoopadelic. I dig his laptop stickers very much:

And more chill, Mac Miller shows us his skills:


Now if you feel like being intellectual but you’re too blazéd to pick up a book, listen to Joe Rogan talk to you about life. Smart man, 11 minutes. Good watch I’d say:


Some fun pictures from everywhere:

A glorious picture of Bob from High Times 420th issue.

I knew Bert & Ernie poked smot

Fucking love Pokémon.

Reminds me of the year I spent in London, a little too much.

And a classic.

I apologize if you’ve seen any of these pictures before as some of them are classics, but I’ve recently just stumbled onto all of them and wanted to share with all.

New Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

9 01 2011

Apparently Wiz Khalifa has fallen in love with LA. He recently moved out there to enjoy our more lax marijuana laws, and is recording with Snoop on a daily basis. The two have been super productive and these two music videos came out:

Grab something to roll up on, because these two videos are fire!

Dank new tunes

7 01 2011

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a while:

Rich Hil is the son of Tommy Hilfiger. Rather than designing clothes, he makes good music. His last mixtape Limosa Nostra 2 wasn’t quite as good as I Just Got Outta Rehab but he’s fer sure an artist to check out.

These two seem to be making good progress on their movie High School. It’s set to release on 4/20. They leaked a dank song, That Good. These two seem to hit it off like the new Method Man Redman combo, much better than the song Snoop did with Kid Cudi.

The most anticipated album for me in 2011 is Smoke DZA’s THC. It’s going to be fabulous. Here’s something to water your mouth for it:

Curren$y’s latest mixtape

7 01 2011

2011 has already been a very productive year music wise so far.

The first mixtape of the year was called Return to the Winner’s Circle by Curren$y. This man has to be the most productive musician ever. Mixtapes are endless just like his inspiration. Here’s the cover:

If you click this link you can download it for free at Datpiff.com. If you haven’t heard of or used this website before, it’s a fantastic resource for finding mixtapes.

Here’s my favorite track from it so far:

Definetly ge this mixtape, blaze a fat one before and enjoy it.

Some good tunes

6 01 2011

I just got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday so I haven’t been able to smoke but I’ve been on a lot of Vicodin. It’s an intersting experience, and of course I’ve still been taking weed pills.

Here’s a few youtube links of music I’ve been enjoying:

Damian is my favorite of the Marley brothers. Having seen most of them live, I have to say Damian is the most fun and as a bigger fan of hip hop I do enjoy his tunes.

A good song, witha  dope Chasing Shadows remix:


And my latest most played by Curren$y from Pilot Talk II:


Sorry for the delay

31 12 2010

The only reason:

I’ve just been blazing fat since finals done.

I safely left New York and arrived in San Francisco for Christmas. I then did the motherfucking drive all the way down to LA and here I am just chilling and smoking.

I appreciate LA very much. I picked up a 1/4 for 60$ yesterday. And I got bubble hash peanut butter cup.

I don’t know what’s up with that but I’m saving it for new years.

If you all are bored and looking for shit to do in this Christmas time, get on your facebook and find this fun little game called Pot Farm. I used to make fun of kids who played Farmville, but I understand the whole passion now.

Being back on this medical weed is nuts.

Enjoy this funky tune from my homeboy Nevil:

and another

Wiz & Snoop smoking & recording together

20 12 2010

A picture from their upcoming clip.

Everyone knows Snoop Dogg likes to smoke weed. My first memory of ever hearing him was on The Chronic, back in the day. I was too young to understand, but later Doggystyle became one of my first smoking albums.

Weed seems to be bring artists together. Snoop’s voice is so common in media that it’s heard in music but also movies and even the latest Pepsi Max commercial. He seems to work together with every new stoner artist out there, he did a song with Kid Cudi called That Tree and then he made that dank track with Curren$y.

This time it’s Wiz Khalifa’s turn

Now this may not be just a Snoop/Wiz collaboration but the new Wiz verse is sick, and Snoop gives a great verse on it.

Here’s the song, and apparently today they were working on dope visuals for it:

If anything, this great picture of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg smoking together just gives hopes for new tracks together, and a lot of future good work. They just vibe well together:

I just hope Snoop keeps making dope songs like this rather than shit like Malice in Wonderland. I wasn’t a fan at all of that album, but the work I’ve heard Snoop do with all the new artists just make me think Snoop needs to stay with his smoking music, that’s what he does best. I guess Snoop needs to take some inspiration from Wiz this time.

On the side, Curren$y dropped a new video today. Dank as usual, one of my favorites recently.



Apparently they’re cooking up something big.

Snoop Dogg said:

Snoop n wiz workn on new movie – High school. We doin shows and sdtk.

Word. Looking forward to that!