Dank entertainment

13 01 2011

Been doing a lot of work making that cash money lately but still finding good shit for when you’re blazed.

Some music for next time you roll face:

I dig three six a lot, but Juicy J never ceases to impress:

Some more Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. I’ve seen Snoop live twice, but never seen him before as DJ Snoopadelic. I dig his laptop stickers very much:

And more chill, Mac Miller shows us his skills:


Now if you feel like being intellectual but you’re too blazéd to pick up a book, listen to Joe Rogan talk to you about life. Smart man, 11 minutes. Good watch I’d say:


Some fun pictures from everywhere:

A glorious picture of Bob from High Times 420th issue.

I knew Bert & Ernie poked smot

Fucking love Pokémon.

Reminds me of the year I spent in London, a little too much.

And a classic.

I apologize if you’ve seen any of these pictures before as some of them are classics, but I’ve recently just stumbled onto all of them and wanted to share with all.

My collection of christmas trees

7 01 2011

This is what I said goodbye to New York with.


And when my homie Dwayne left, we rolled this up.

Twistin Stank

Some dank kief. My homie Raoul’s collection from all year.

Casey Jones, one of my favorite medical strains. 90 Sativa 10 Indica it definetly gives you a good head buzz. My last smoke before my tonsils were removed.

And I just love when it fills the jar right up.

The last of my Purple Kush.

These are the crazy THC pills I found. They’re an extract of the THC and put in with fish oil to help digest and less fatty than just filling capsules with weed butter.

And the pill just looks like a regular vitamin. Excepts this one will get you high for 6-12 hours the box says, and by my experience a good 5 hourse.