Bored To Death: Season 2 Review

14 12 2010

Bored to Death Season 2 is a fantastic watch.

This show is great on all levels. It satisfies romance with intricate romance plots and different love scenarios that are all addressed. The situations men are put in and women are put in analyze many different aspects of human mating rituals.

This show is also good stoned humor. It’s always funny to see someone mistake a vaporizer for a walkie talkie on a rogue mission. A priceless joke all stoners made when they saw the iolite handheld vaporizer.

The comedians on this show are fantastic as well. Jason Schwartzman stole my heart in Fantastic Mr. Fox, but he plays another compelling character on this show. His adventures and misfortunes just attract all.

Zach Galifinakis is a highlight as well. He is much loved by the stoner community for stunts like this:

Overall though, this season is a great watch. If you plan on munching out, wasting a Sunday and smoking a lot of herb, it can be a great marathon. I personally recommend the episodes in small doses though, as they go great with a smoke in the beginning and leave you in a place to go on and do something else with a grin on your face.

The stoniest and best show out there right now in my opinion.

Wednesday Recklessness

9 12 2010

There’s some days where it’s just great to be a college student. Spending a day stoned in lecture, more session to pregame the library, get your homework done and then just blaze fat and kick it with some beers.

Makes me feel like Winnie the Pooh

Now I just want to watch mindless art like this:

Speaking of spraypaint, some crazy shit here:

Blueberry Dreams

8 12 2010

I’m writing this post fresh off of a spliff of Blue Dream straight from Cali.

My boy hooked me up fat with this, check out the dank little nug:

You can just taste the freshness in this bud. Normally I’m a guy who can smoke and go to class and still get good grades, but today this shit had me passing out for a half hour. Strong sleepy weed. For when all the work is done.

Consequentially I’m also rocking to this Trainwreck as well to get shit done and before going to the library. This bud is my lightsaber:

With all this good weed at my hands, I’ve been re watching rolling videos on new techniques. Here’s a good video for beginners and experts. Remember, never get cocky about your rolling it can be improved. Wiz Khalifa shows us how to roll a real Taylor Gang joint:

In music news, Cypress Hill drops a new music video for their song Lit Up:

This new Dr. Dre single off of Detox with Snoop and Akon, Kush is decent in my opinion. This remix with Game makes it daaaank though:

In other news, High Times dropped their special 4/20 issue. You should pick it up, and roll your favorite rollable on it, like this:

And if you’re busy working on finals and final projects, here’s a couple videos and a playlist to keep it real:

Wake N Bake playlist:

Little of that and a little of this

26 10 2010

Pretty lights dropped their last EP in the series of four. It’s just as dank as the others and it’s the current soundtrack to my smokeout.

This is the dankest song on the album in my opinion:

Wanna see something cool (I’ll let the pictures do the talking here):

This is what happens when one of your bros doesn’t smoke for a week for midterms and suddenly decides “Fuck it, I want to smoke”. It was a big deal.

Fat beautiful buds like these make me love my dealer. After all the stumbling around, I think I’m going to settle down with two for a bit.

My dudebro bought the new NO2 Vaporizer. It’s pretty dank. I was there for the inauguration today and let me tell you, it was pretty sick. Smooth hit, one of the smoothest I’ve had on a vaporizer. Great hand shape, fits any hand grip and no awkwardness about it. Can hold a good 1/2 gram in there to a gram, depending on how much you want to pack it.

Here’s a link to the official review, and pictures.

This is the best handheld vaporizer I’ve had, with only the Volcano topping it right now.

Don’t forget to keep supporting Mac Miller’s K.I.D.S., he just dropped a pretty dope video!

Great video, great song, great artist. I’m hoping to hear good shit from him soon. I’m bummed I missed him on tour with Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T.

If during these bleak times of midterms you stoners are looking for a good TV show to watch, I already mentioned it, but here’s the pilot of Adventure Time. The show gets so much better, and this is already so great!

On that note, back to hit the books!

In the cut.

20 10 2010

The days all float by, and eventually all that’s left is the ash from the doobies and the thoughts in my head. I can’t even count the packs of papers, the roach packs, and the baggies of headies consumed.

This shit right here is the ramblings of that stoner you see in class with you. See for me the word stoner isn’t derogatory; it’s a term of pride that I take ownership for.

Today’s society is turning more and more towards marijuana. Maybe it’s my bias as I smoke a lot that I look for it in the media, but last time I checked drugs were more openly in the media. For example, look at Entourage. This show has always had weed references, from Turtle ripping the bong to Drama wearing a dispensaries hat, but this last season had copious amounts of drugs in it. In particular, weed seemed ever more present, and presented more openly. Another TV show that comes to mind is Bored to Death. The second season has been filled with a diverse collection of paraphernalia and nuggies. Sure, these shows are featured on HBO, and TV shows have been showing token stoners since TV existed.

The shows are countless and the movies countless as well. There are a lot of shitty stoned comedies as there are many spectacular stoned comedies. Which portrayals of the stoner community are actually successful? The portrayals that are the most honest.

I enjoy the honest portrayals of the culture and like to combine my marijuana with my moods and my daily needs.

Currently I have an eight of Sour Diesel and a dub of Grand Daddy Purple. This combination has been perfect, as the Sour Diesel gives that drive and energy every smoker needs to get going in the morning, and get out of the claws of the blankets. The GDP is a very mellow thoughtful high, that makes the body feel lighter and the mind freer. Great to zone out and relax on, especially after studying or working. It still has me writing right now rather than sleeping, but which weed doesn’t make you thoughtful.

GDP is a good pre meal smoke, whereas Sour Diesel is a great digestive smoke. The two counter act each other harmoniously.

Musically I’ve been listening to lots of instrumentals. Jazz has been a fixation lately, with a heavy fixation on Miles Davis. My latest musical discoveries though were Big Gigantic and Mr. Scruff. Check out their youtube videos.

If you’re looking for a good show to watch stoned, Cartoon Network has the hook up. Adventure Time followed by the Regular Show on Mondays is a great slot on TV. If you’re looking for something more substantial, the latest Bored to Death episodes have been fantastic and include much reflection about life & death.

Time for me to zoot away!