Some good reading

6 01 2011

I know it’s break and so a lot of you still have a bunch of free time on your hands. I’ve been reading a lot of Kerouac lately, right now working on getting my way through the Dharma Bums. Very appropriate as I’m in San Francisco area now.

One of my personal favorite blogs, High Existence, wrote this interesting article on why you should never get a job.

Io9 had an interesting article about time. May musings about this have been made in my stoned time but this one is very interesting. Here’s the article: Why are past, present, and future our only options?

Here’s some good advice for those still in college: Philosopher Perry tells students to “care deeply” in “what matters”

Hunter S Thompson is my idol. I have pictures of him all around my room, and I have tried to read as much about him and of his work as possible. This website is a fantastic resource for any fans: gonzo.

And if you get tired of all the reading, here’s a classic game I played as a kid and now love to play stoned: dots.

Sunday evenings become monday mornings

8 11 2010

A preview of what’s about to come. I had Pilot Talk the day it dropped and it’s been playing daily since then. It’s a great excitement that part 2 is already dropping. This is going to be big. Michael Knight sets the tone well. Here’s the official video for that:


Just discovered this song when truly sitting down to listen to Rusko’s last album. This is the biggest stand out for me, since I am a huge Gucci Mane fan. Love him.


Peep that new Devin the Dude album too. Good stuff on there, my favorite being Jus Coolin so far. It’s a mellow album, though Devin is often very repetitive for me, I do love smoking with him in the background.
Here’s a few fun shots from the weekend:

This is what a Friday night with bro’s looks like. Great discovery of the “Raging Bitch” beer with a bottle designed by Ralph Steadman, Hunter S Thompson’s artist and friend. A delicious beer that transports you to a land of fear and loathing.

This bad boy here was an eight all to himself. I love nuggies like that.

And slowly he gets trimmed down to this.


This last bud was a great new discovery. It’s a strain called Red Dragon. It’s a very sneaky high, strong but doesn’t hit right away. You feel stoned when you move around, but if you sit too long, the high seems to evade but just then when you get up it comes back. I’ve been smoking it all day and it’s also been very productive, I’ve gotten multiple chores done on it. The best part though is it’s longevity.

On that note, I’m off to watch the new Family Guy.