Dank entertainment

13 01 2011

Been doing a lot of work making that cash money lately but still finding good shit for when you’re blazed.

Some music for next time you roll face:

I dig three six a lot, but Juicy J never ceases to impress:

Some more Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. I’ve seen Snoop live twice, but never seen him before as DJ Snoopadelic. I dig his laptop stickers very much:

And more chill, Mac Miller shows us his skills:


Now if you feel like being intellectual but you’re too blazéd to pick up a book, listen to Joe Rogan talk to you about life. Smart man, 11 minutes. Good watch I’d say:


Some fun pictures from everywhere:

A glorious picture of Bob from High Times 420th issue.

I knew Bert & Ernie poked smot

Fucking love Pokémon.

Reminds me of the year I spent in London, a little too much.

And a classic.

I apologize if you’ve seen any of these pictures before as some of them are classics, but I’ve recently just stumbled onto all of them and wanted to share with all.

Happy Danksgiving!

29 11 2010

props to Mizzta Jonny Photography for that picture, I think it sums up my feelings for the future right now. I’ve had enough 40’s and addies for a good while, and just want to chill with mary jane.


I hope that you all had a good weekend, and week for that matter. Here in NYU it was our fall break and we definitely made the most of our break while we could. There were many grandiose tales.


This year, the marijuana sommelier decided to spend thanksgiving with his homies family over in Conneticut. Of course I smoke some Bubba Kush before leaving, and in my bag I had Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Mendo Kush. This collection and assortment of marijuana helped me personally digesting the feast I had. I hope you all had just as yummy and as scrumptious of thanksgiving as I had.

Then this break, my homie from back in highschool crashed at my pad and it was a good omen that his visit was started by a cocktail blunt of all 3 of my weeds and his Cornell weed. Great to have someone from back in the day and my closest homie from highschool just to be here to reminisce.

This is what I would say our weekend looked like:

Today was when work got real and hardcore. Writing papers makes me always feel so happy and accomplished.

I want to review this new bud we’ve been smoking. This is a picture of an eight we picked up but I honestly can’t remember which strain it is. The fact of the matter is though that the bud came from the same dealer and gives an image of what I’m going to review. The current weed is Purple Mr. Nice Guy. The crossbreed is a fabulous idea. I had already smoked Mr. Nice Guy in California from one of my favorite dispensaries. The purple adds this alertness to the weed and a longevity that is surprising. I missed my bus home today because of it, potency that glued my bottom to the chair I was sitting in. Laughter and joy were brought in but not potently. Taste in a pure j and in the vaporizer was both distinct and a 5/5. The high is a definite 18/20. As I’m writing this I’m planning to pack up more of this and smoke some of this good shit. I definitely recommend this if you can get your hands on it. I bought a dub today and plan on getting a full eight tomorrow.

If you’re looking for good music to listen to , I recommend this band that my french dealer told me about. She got the connects with Cali medical shipped to the city, and apparently the music she gets is just as dank. The band is called Wilderness Crew, and I just copped the EP on rapidshare (shhhh no link, that’s illegal). It’s dank and here’s a link to the myspace:


If you’re not aware of this website you might just understand seeing this picture: http://www.bogeyblunts.com/

Lil Wayne went the same path Wiz Khalifa did, turning his favorite smoking wrap into his very own brand. Apparently EZ Wider’s just aren’t as good as Taylor Gang and forget your Dutchmaster’s, go and cop a Bogey Blunt. I don’t know if I buy into it, but it’s nice to see the artists marketing creatively and to us stoners.

My obsession for Mac Miller continues. These are some dank videos from the incredibly dope shit that I hear kids kick.

Here’s the latest video:

And here’s what my weekend felt like:

Little of that and a little of this

26 10 2010

Pretty lights dropped their last EP in the series of four. It’s just as dank as the others and it’s the current soundtrack to my smokeout.

This is the dankest song on the album in my opinion:

Wanna see something cool (I’ll let the pictures do the talking here):

This is what happens when one of your bros doesn’t smoke for a week for midterms and suddenly decides “Fuck it, I want to smoke”. It was a big deal.

Fat beautiful buds like these make me love my dealer. After all the stumbling around, I think I’m going to settle down with two for a bit.

My dudebro bought the new NO2 Vaporizer. It’s pretty dank. I was there for the inauguration today and let me tell you, it was pretty sick. Smooth hit, one of the smoothest I’ve had on a vaporizer. Great hand shape, fits any hand grip and no awkwardness about it. Can hold a good 1/2 gram in there to a gram, depending on how much you want to pack it.

Here’s a link to the official review, and pictures.


This is the best handheld vaporizer I’ve had, with only the Volcano topping it right now.

Don’t forget to keep supporting Mac Miller’s K.I.D.S., he just dropped a pretty dope video!

Great video, great song, great artist. I’m hoping to hear good shit from him soon. I’m bummed I missed him on tour with Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T.

If during these bleak times of midterms you stoners are looking for a good TV show to watch, I already mentioned it, but here’s the pilot of Adventure Time. The show gets so much better, and this is already so great!

On that note, back to hit the books!