Dank new tunes

7 01 2011

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a while:

Rich Hil is the son of Tommy Hilfiger. Rather than designing clothes, he makes good music. His last mixtape Limosa Nostra 2 wasn’t quite as good as I Just Got Outta Rehab but he’s fer sure an artist to check out.

These two seem to be making good progress on their movie High School. It’s set to release on 4/20. They leaked a dank song, That Good. These two seem to hit it off like the new Method Man Redman combo, much better than the song Snoop did with Kid Cudi.

The most anticipated album for me in 2011 is Smoke DZA’s THC. It’s going to be fabulous. Here’s something to water your mouth for it:

Redman drops a new album

8 12 2010

Holla at yo boi.

This album is dank

The mixtape, Pancakes & Syrup had nothing on the album.

Go buy it on itunes, in stores or even download it, as long as you hear this dank record.

On a sidenote, it looks like he’s doing more work with Method Man as well. This song is pretty dope, but not their best: